About the Center for Turkish Literature

The Bilkent University Center for Turkish Literature was founded in the year 1998. The Director of the Center is Professor Talât Halman, Chairman of the Department of Turkish Literature. All members of the Department, including visiting faculty, are also associated with the Center. The function of the Center, which works in cooperation with the Department of Turkish Literature, is to support qualified academic efforts in the field of Turkish Literature and inform a wide audience of their existence. The Coordinator of the Center for Turkish Literature is Demet Güzelsoy Chafra.

The Center has initiated:
  • Journal of Turkish Literature, the first scholarly journal of its kind, to be published in English three times a year.
  • Bulletin of Turkish Literature, to be published in Turkish four times a year
  • Annual national and international conferences
  • Lectures, readings, and seminars by Turkish and non-Turkish scholars and writers
The Center is planning the following activities:
  • archives and collections
  • scholarly books and monographs (in Turkish or English)
  • encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and reference books
    • Encyclopaedia of Turkish Culture, Arts and Literature
    • An Etymological Dictionary of Turkish
    • A Guide to Turkish Literature
    • Who's Who in Turkish Literature
    • A History of Turkish Literature
    • and others
Center for Turkish Literature
Bilkent University
Ankara, TURKEY 06800
Phone: +90 (312) 290 2317
FAX: +90 (312) 266 4059